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Functions of a Property Manager

The many and varied duties of a property manager require the skills of a business executive, decorator, salesperson, parking lot attendant, gardener, housekeeper, information center, accountant, banker, doctor, lawyer, social director, psychologist, marriage counselor, baby sitter, bookkeeper, rent collector, maintenance expert, security officer, keeper of the keys, telephone operator, messenger service, and complaint department. The manager must also be soft-spoken, fast-moving, poised, quick-thinking, non-tiring, ever-available, mechanical-minded, all-knowing and never-ailing. This “expert” knows how to visit without visiting, sell without selling, see without judging, hear without repeating - and all without having time for an uninterrupted meal. Read more...

Property Management 101 Quiz

1. What is the maximum security deposit a landlord can charge for an unfurnished house?

A. First, last, and a security deposit

B. No more than three times the monthly rent

C. A maximum of two times the monthly rent

D. All of the above are options the landlord has 


Foreign Investor Owner Withholding

Property managers, acting as withholding agents, for a foreign investor may be required to withhold 30% of gross rental receipts for passive rental income. However, the IRS allows the foreign investor the choice of electing to forego withholding on passive rental income, and instead be taxed on a net income basis (although the owner may have to file estimated tax returns).  Failure to withhold when required may make the property manager personally and primarily liable for any tax that must be withheld. The liability of the property manager includes amounts that should have been paid plus interest, penalties, and where applicable, criminal sanctions.  Even if the foreign investor elects to forego the 30% federal withholding, he or she may still be subject to the California Franchise Tax Board 7% withholding. Read more...

California Nonresident Property Owner Withholding

Who is subject to withholding?

If you are a nonresident of California who receives income from sources in California, the payer who pays you must withhold and send to California Franchise Tax Board 7 percent of all payments that exceed $1,500 in a calendar year. (California R&TC Section 18662)

Types of income subject to withholding

As a nonresident of this state, withholding applies to you if you receive California source income in any of the following circumstances:

• You performed services in California.

• You received other types of non-wage payment.