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Moving from Your Rental

As per your lease agreement, you are required to give at least 30 days written notice before vacating your rental. You may provide your own written notice that includes name(s), property address, forwarding address and date of move-out or you can fill out the linked 30-Day Notice to Vacate and return it to us.  At this date, be prepared to not only vacate the property, but also return your keys, garage remotes, mail box keys etc. to our office. This is a necessary measure to let us know you are officially out and rent will no longer be charged to your account.

Security Deposits/Final Accounting

Your deposit will be refunded within 21 days after move-out or after the lease has ended, whichever one is later. The more you do, the less we need to do to the property and the faster we can refund your deposit. We expect that the house is returned in the same condition it was originally provided to you, minus normal wear and tear upon your departure. Be sure to leave a forwarding address on the 30-Day Notice to Vacate so we can get your funds to you without unnecessary delay.

Please contact our property management leasing office with any questions.

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